Spiritual Flood

Today I chose to sit and worship. If I'm being honest it's been way to long since I've set aside real meaningful time with Jesus to just sit, worship and listen. Sometimes life brings dro

ughts and scorched land and a feeling of barrenness. I remember when I first became a follower of Jesus I was so excited to share Him and please Him. Musical worship was my passion and my first love. But lately I've been stuck...I find myself not understanding or knowing what the next step is and it's been a real challenge. I've been praying and seeking...but not really.

Heres what I mean by that... 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says "Pray without creasing" that means to always be in communication with God throughout your day in everything. You know...like just talk with Him as your working or whatever your doing. I've been doing that, but I still received no answers. So I did what every good man does...I asked my wife (who is way more spiritual than I am 😊) what her thoughts were, what she suggested I do? And just as I expected, her answer was simple....fast and pray.

It seems over time we forget how powerful something as simple as real time set aside with God in fasting and prayer is. Life today is so fast paced and can become overwhelming that we as followers of Jesus forget the power of fasting and prayer. I decided to sit and worship and remove myself from distractions...I sang I prayed, I gave my time, attention and heart... and then after sometime with Him it happened.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with God that at a moment you hear him answer like as if he were actually sitting next to you speaking directly to your mind? In a moment He reminded of promises and scriptures that have defined my life, and things that I had committed to Him years ago. He showed me where I needed to improve and strengthen and He reaffirmed the promises He had made to me years ago.

You see He never leaves us. We get distracted with life and forget to Love on Him in spirit and in truth. He flooded me with truth, vision and direction as a reminder of who I am and who He has called me to be.

If you ever feel stagnant in life, take some time to get back to your first love. Worship Him, seek Him then sit and be still, He is faithful to show you His will for you and His Love. He wi lift you up and give you strength to persevere through what ever you're going though.

He is always with you.

He will never leave you...Deut.31:6